Alejandro Fernández takes the reins of a PP today in its lowest hours


For a long time, Alejandro Fernández aspired to assume the presidency of the Catalan PP. And the moment has arrived when the game is in its lowest hours. In front of him, the new president of the Catalan people is faced with the challenge of resuscitating a popular party in Catalonia, to which citizens have eaten much of their electoral territory. In the morning 750 delegates are called to attend the extraordinary congress that will serve to revoke Xavier García Albiol and ratify Fernandez as the new party leader.

The "ideological rearmament" of the PP, as stated by Fernandez on several occasions, is one of the main objectives of the future popular president, namely to recover the conservative word without complexes that, according to some party rumors, has been lost during the period in which Xavier García Albiol was at the forefront of conservative education. Fernandez believes that this path will serve to confront independence through ideas.

In fact, the new president of the party will be based on the model of the leader of the Spanish people, Pablo Casado, who has focused his project on a right turn that differentiates them from the citizens. In recent months, Fernández has taken greater prominence in Parliament and has delivered speeches in which he often sought close cooperation with the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra. The last, who assured that both he and Torra were "a couple of Spaniards".

Xavier García Albiol leaves the match with the worst results in the history of the PP. He took it with 19 deputies, but in the 2015 elections he lost 8 deputies and stayed with 8. Now, the most important football was taken in the 21-D elections of last year, in What people were left with 4 deputies. Albiol explains this defeat by applying Article 155, an application that continues to defend, but which ensures that the intervention of autonomy has been capitalized by citizens.

Albiol will leave the seat and the presidency of the PP

Albiol will leave the seat and the presidency of the PP

Despite the bad weather of the popular, the party aspires to recover cities like Badalona and Castelldefels. The main subject of Albiol to abandon the presidency of the party is precisely to be able to concentrate on the campaign to recover the mayor of Badalona. At this moment, people have only one mayor, that of Pontons, in Alt Penedès.

For the moment, to face this new phase, Alejandro Fernandez has been surrounded by a team – which will make public today – that the PP spokesperson in the town hall of Cornellà de Llobregat, Dani Serrano, will be the strongest man new general secretary . The dome, however, will be full of balance between the different sectors of the party. Despite the reduction in the number of deputy secretaries, that Albiol has grown to ten to give representation to all the families of the party, Fernandez plans to reduce them to six.

Alejandro Fernández is a team full of balances

Alejandro Fernández is a team full of balances

Among the members of the new dome, however, all sectors of the party are represented. Thus, the future president of the party plans to integrate people like the mayor of Castelldefels Manuel Reyes; the right hand of Albiol in Badalona, ​​Maritxu Hervás; the party president in Lleida, Marisa Xandri, and the former deputy to the Congress of Deputies, Toni Gallego, and then Dolors Montserrat. Other sources also point out that the current deputy to the Congress of Deputies and former president of the Barcelona City Council Àngels Esteller, also Alberto Fernández Díaz, would also opt for a deputy secretary, as current deputy secretary of the organization, Alberto Fernández Saltiveri.


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