Alena’s horoscope: Alena’s horoscope: Aquarians with unexpected material successes, Pisces to forget about undertakings


The day is not successful for carrying out business meetings, which it is good to postpone. Reap professional success if you work thoroughly and persistently on this day. Your activity will yield good results, but not your greed, which can fail you. Be moderate in your intent to win at all costs. Protect yourself from problems with your spouse. Do not react aggressively to his reproaches that you have been away from home all day. In the evening, try to forget about the quarrels and indulge in pleasant sexual moments.


Be careful, because under the mask of your apparent stability and poise, an emotion is raging that can play a bad joke on you. Caution is a must. At your workplace, you will successfully complete your tasks by noon. Avoid arguments in the morning if your partner has not heard who and what you are talking to. Instead of being stubborn, explain to him so that there are no doubts about your loyalty. In the evening, indulge your feelings and pleasant sexual pleasures.


The harmony in the relationship that you strive for seems unattainable. Do not make long-term professional plans, so as not to have to urgently adjust and terminate contracts. Hasty actions, influenced by the opinion of your colleagues that you are lazy and absent-minded, lead to lapses and mistakes because of your wounded ego. Communication with your relatives is not favorable until noon. Do not contradict, do not speak loudly and avoid offensive statements. Don’t arrange romantic dates. Sex will not bring you pleasure.

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To the surprise of your colleagues, you are active and dismiss your tasks with ease. You assume all serious professional responsibilities. Therefore, in your workplace, success will be with you. Don’t help your irresponsible colleagues because it’s okay for them to handle their own tasks. It may seem to you that a new crisis has occurred in the relationship with your loved ones, but this is your opinion, which does not correspond to reality. Do not worry about problems with the intimate partner, who will welcome you with a romantic dinner and a desire for sexual pleasures.


The important thing is that at the workplace you reject your tasks until noon. Invite to a working lunch or visit business partners with whom you are also friends. Discuss future joint projects. Be sure to specify what your financial contribution will be. Reconnect with people you care about. In the evening, you will enjoy pleasant news from afar. Relations in your family normalize. Your sex life requires you to be in a good mood so you don’t alienate your loved ones again.


Ditch your work tasks in favor of urgent conversations that are good to have. Do not give a loan if you are not financially stable because you have urgent expenses. Make changes in the workplace after making sure they are in your favor. Unmarried people will meet the right partner, but once again they will overdo their claims, which can immediately ruin the acquaintance. Do not hope for a harmonious sexual relationship if you have cheated and been found out.

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Be careful with the dating you decide to do at any cost, even though you are aware of the consequences. To avoid trouble, don’t share anything about yourself. Any information will be used against you. Your correct behavior in the workplace is a guarantee of success. Do not get involved in love affairs, so that you do not suffer after disappointment falls on your heads. Sexual pleasures with unknown partners will bring you serious problems.


Professionally, a successful day awaits you. Hold a preliminary meeting with your colleagues or with your business partners if you intend to negotiate cooperation. Be responsible for the assigned tasks so that you do not expose yourself and suffer financial losses. Don’t create problems in your relationships with your loved ones either. Your intention to prove to them that you are the masters of your home will distance them. Sex will not bring you pleasure, even if you dreamed all day about the intimate moments.


Don’t travel. Despite the difficulties at your workplace, keep calm. Try to finish your tasks for the day by noon. You will save yourself mistakes due to distraction and fatigue. Do not create tension in your relations with your colleagues, so as not to harm yourself in the days to come. Give up romantic meetings, because jealousy, problems in personal relationships and quarrels are possible. Your incorrect attitude towards your loved ones and sex with your old love will irritate your loved ones and a scandal will break out.


You tend to stubbornly and at the same time unconfidently go against yourself and distance your professional successes. Meetings are unsuccessful. Better forget about ventures. You risk complicating relations with your colleagues if you are nagging and stubborn in your workplace. Family women can indulge their feelings and travel with their loved ones. Singles should be careful with dating. If you haven’t gotten to know your new partners well, sex can be disappointing.

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Work hard, but without tension, and you will surely reap unexpected material successes that surprise you too. Dismiss your most pressing work duties so that they do not interfere with your endeavors now and, if they continue, do not block your success at the end of the month. Be prepared, ladies, that your new romantic interest is going to be disappointing. Better distance yourself now. Your sexual relations with new partners are seemingly harmonious, but you feel hurt and offended by the lack of compliance with your wishes.


If you manage to look at yourself from the side, you will quickly see your mistakes. Your coworkers aren’t the only ones to blame for your workplace problems. Forget about ventures. Emotion harms you and interferes with real judgment of people. It blocks the quick handling of your work duties. Conflicts are possible in your personal life, followed by a sharp change in relationships. Your sex life is not harmonious. Give up the intention to indulge in sexual pleasures.

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