Alena’s horoscope: Aries should not be impulsive, Taurus should be careful behind the wheel


Be careful, prudent and restrained to avoid mistakes in the workplace that will be difficult to correct. Avoid new business acquaintances, especially in the afternoon on the weekend. Don’t be too impulsive. Do not complain about the mistakes inadvertently made by your colleagues, which are correctable. You dream of a perfect relationship with a partner who is your old intimate relationship. Your sexual relationship may have been wonderful, but now things have changed.


On this weekend, be especially careful if you are behind the wheel in the morning. Your distraction is the cause of workplace problems and shortcomings. Protect yourself from the blows of enemies. Optimism and the opinion that problems are always solved in your favor deprive you of caution. Do not miss the evening to talk to your loved ones, to find out what their wishes are. Personal dating and hasty sexual intercourse are not desirable because they will disappoint you.


Don’t indulge in reckless changes on the weekend just because you want to prove to everyone how confident you are in your abilities. You will fail by the end of the day and no one else will blame you. Discard your professional duties by the end of the working day, and then go to a restaurant with good company. Stay home in the evening. Invite guests or you go to a company that you enjoy. Your sex life does not correspond at all to your ideas of intimacy. You are even considering parting.


Prepare for problems related to changes in your workplace that you learn about on the weekend. Beware of conflicts with management and colleagues. The difficulties are caused by your actions. You do great in your workplace. The journeys are successful, but let someone else be behind the wheel, because you are in a hurry and distracted. The day is perfect for adventure. Meeting the intimate partner and solitude with your spouses will give you pleasant moments. The mutual desire for sexual pleasures is even more complete if you have a Taurus born next to you.

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Be responsible on your day off. Judge your words and actions carefully and with your mind. You will enjoy success, despite the difficulties along the way. Don’t worry because they are surmountable. Conduct scheduled business calls. Consider and prepare for signing the new cooperation agreements. Your old intimate relationship is trying to ruin your marriage. He is annoyed by your excessive attachment to your spouse. Attempts at intimacy and sexual desire may be the reason for your divorce.


On this day off, you are too irritating because your colleagues want to rest while they work. Unfortunately, disappointments await you in the afternoon. It will be difficult for you to judge the new people around you correctly. You are doing well with your tasks. However, endeavors are undesirable. It is better to finish the work started by the end of the working day. In the evening, problems with your spouse or intimate partner are not excluded. Your behavior in recent days gives the impression that you have cheated. If you intend to separate from your intimate partners, give up sexual pleasures.


Unpleasant news is waiting for you on the weekend, which will spoil your mood and lower your self-esteem, especially if they are related to your tasks, not appreciated as you expect. Conflict with management is possible. Analyze your actions. You are in danger of falling into the net of fraudsters who want to make money through your work. Introspection is mandatory. In the afternoon, beware of intrigue and gossip that wants to prove that you are cheating on your intimate partner. In the evening, create a romantic atmosphere, talk openly about what happened and indulge in sexual experiences.

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The day is a holiday and from the morning you know each other and allow you to succeed financially, but if you let yourself be overwhelmed by the emotion that overwhelms you at times for no reason, you risk failing it. All you need is caution. Insight and sensible actions will help you cope with difficulties in the workplace. There will be no quarrels in your family, because of nervousness, which is difficult to hide. Family and serious relationships can relieve stress by indulging in sexual pleasures.


It is better to give up your intention to travel, unless you are behind the wheel, because on the weekend you go on vacation. In the workplace, avoid conflicts with colleagues and management that you will provoke yourself if you try too hard to impose your opinion. Be prepared for problems that could lead to conflict in the coming days. Complications in family relationships are caused by your unwillingness to show understanding for your loved ones. Your intimate life is still problematic on this day. Your sexual relationship is contrary to your expectations and unfortunately to your requirements for your intimate partners.


Your haste on the weekend will lead to failures in negotiations involving money or large investments. Be careful and do not try to hide financial problems from your partners if you have them and are worried. Try to avoid critical remarks. Do not ironize your interlocutors if you sense their mistakes or lack of knowledge on the issues discussed. Your personal relationship is stable, but if you were tempted to flirt the day before and continue today, your problems are sure. Do not be critical of your spouse if this behavior is intended to prevent him from doubting your feelings.

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Have important business meetings and conversations if you can arrange them for the weekend. The only requirement is to listen to your interlocutor. If you have to sign important documents, do it in the afternoon. Beware of dishonest people you have provoked with your actions and your mania for greatness, which erupted in an unexpected moment that you forgot. Unmarried women should expect a marriage proposal that will make them happy. In families without children, a baby can be conceived. Your sex life requires you to be careful not to cause problems with your partner if you are not sure of your feelings.


By noon on the weekend you feel great and active, you go quickly to complete the tasks. Make adjustments to your plans related to your workplace and your professional goals. Prepare for change. Problems related to your work are not excluded. Conflict with management is inevitable if you are tactless. Quarrels with your loved ones are not excluded. The reason is another absence from home after you have arranged a romantic date or dinner. Even if you are late, keep your promise and then give each other moments of sexual pleasure.

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