Alert! New Variant of Covid Vulnerable to Children Exposure •

BERITAKALTIM.CO – Parents must be vigilant. A new variant of the corona, detected, is starting to target children. The allegation emerged after 244 toddlers and 655 children in Jakarta were exposed to Covid. Some are thought to have been exposed to a new variant.

Even though the risk of the child being infected Corona much lower than adults. However, children are more susceptible to being infected with the virus by adults around them because the reproductive rate is much higher than the previous variant.

Epidemiologist from Griffith University Australia, Dicky Budiman, said that although Dicky said the new variant did not specifically target children, the risk of contracting it from adults was high.

“It’s the same at all ages, but the risk of infection is much lower in children, even though there’s no real change in the new variant. The only thing that makes the change is that having a higher reproduction rate means that these children are much more susceptible to infection by adults around them due to a variant with a much higher reproduction rate than the previous variant,” said Dicky via voice message

Dicky explained, according to the Central of Disease Control (CDC), the mortality rate in children due to Corona is very small, which is around 0.00002%.

Children’s lungs have fewer Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptors. ACE2 can be called as the entry point for COVID-19 to the human body.

ACE2 is an enzyme that attaches to the outer surface of cell membranes in several organs such as the lungs, heart, and intestines. Corona virus can enter cells via the ACE2 receptor.

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“The fact is that in his lungs, the respiratory tract of the child has a much lower number of ACE2 receptors than adults where we know these receptors are the entry points for the Sars COV-2 virus but as adults, the number of those receptors, where Sars attaches to it, is increasing. a lot,” explained Dicky as reported by detikcom.

So Dicky asked adults to increase 5 M and the government to increase 3 T so that no more children were exposed to the Corona virus.

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