Alessandra Ambrosio, Montenegro and the model’s sexy holiday in the country

No matter what the weather is like outside, or what season it is, Alessandra Ambrosio always likes to visit exotic destinations and collect tan.

Where is Alessandra Ambrosio having fun this time?

Surprisingly, not on the beach

In addition, she does not fail to remind us with her cut-out swimsuits how sexy she is even at 41 years old. However, for her last vacation, the model decided not to bet on the exotic. Well, for the Brazilian it might actually be exotic.

From Alessandra Ambrosio’s Instagram profile, we understand that she has been in Montenegro for the past few days. In the company of his two children, of course.

From the short descriptions attached to the posts, we don’t understand how much time Ambrosio will spend in Montenegro, but it is clear to us that he is in a vacation mood and considers the country the perfect place to escape.

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