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Alessandra Rosaldo and the relationship is toxic that nearly led to alcoholism: “he dragged Me to the darkest point”

Alessandra Rosaldo spoke candidly about a dark time in your life (IG: alexrosaldo)

The singer Alessandra Rosaldo he confessed that he had a relationship to be toxic by the who nearly became an alcoholic.

In a video of his YouTube channel, the wife of Eugenio Derbez spoke with his sister Marian of friendships toxic.

At one point in the conversation, Alessandra confessed on the “dark” time that you faced and that almost became addicted to alcohol.

In my case it was not a friendship, but it was a relationship, a boyfriend who dragged me to the darkest point of my life, a year and a half darker than my whole life, of celebration, of alcoholism, of being in the antrum, or may be, I was not an alcoholic, but I think I was two steps

Never revealing the name of that old love, Alessandra added: “All the nights we lived in the antrum, amanecíamos in the antrum, of taking all night, of falling in that hole, and everything that surrounded it was like, it was dark, the friends, the places we were going, what was happening”.

Fortunately the vocalist of Senses Opposite realized the direction it was taking that relationship and was able to break free. “Still there could not see it. Blessed be God that I was able to get out of there and from outside I said, ‘wow, where was I stuck?’”.


On several occasions, through videos on social networks, or YouTube, Alessandra Rosaldo has spoken of certain matters of his personal life.

(Photo: Instagram Alessandra Rosaldo)

(Photo: Instagram Alessandra Rosaldo)

Last may you answered in your channel to 100 questions about it, among which was the of what is it that you like most about your husband, Eugenio Derbez?.

“He loves me, but I love your chest, your arms, and obviously his face,” replied and also said that he likes several aspects of his relationship with the comedian mexican, but especially its function in life.

Alessandra and Derbez are the parents of a little girl called Aitana (AFP)

Alessandra and Derbez are the parents of a little girl called Aitana (AFP)

“Input is a man that I admire very much, who already admired him before meeting him and when I met him for still more. I fell in love with your sense of humorI fell in love with the way that made me laugh from the first moment, how I tried, I fell in love with that he is a creator of unforgettable moments and unforgettable scenes, and that every moment we spent together was magical,” he explained.

He also spoke without a problem the moment he met Victoria Ruffo, the former of Derbez with which the actor does not carry a good relationship.

And is that Alessandra took part in a video of Jose Eduardo Derbez, son of Ruffo and Eugenio, where they recalled the anecdote.

“I’m going to tell you a story. Do you remember when you came to the bathroom to my house?”asked Jose Eduardo, to what Rosaldo responded: “Yes, the first time I saw your mom”.

Photos: Alessandra Rosaldo/IG - Cuartoscuro.

Photos: Alessandra Rosaldo/IG – Cuartoscuro.

“We were coming I think of Valle de Bravo and I were going to leave to my mom’s and Ale says to me ‘won’t stain, I’m dying of wanted to go to the bathroom’ and I said ‘my mom is not and will not reach within many hours so that Ale pass the house and go to the bathroom’,” recalled the son of Victoria Ruffo.

However, the situation took an unexpected turn when it came to the actress. “And suddenly the door opens my mom, I mean he entered my mom with my aunt”, added José Eduardo, who did not hesitate to accept that at that moment I just wanted to “swallow the earth”. “It comes out Ale to the bathroom and run into my mom and Ale,” said fun before the incredible scene she witnessed.

Rosaldo accepted that the encounter was strange. “The first time I met her and yes it was a little weird. but I agree that we greet you warmly, and we greet you well. I don’t know if there will be disturbed, that I never said. But no, your mom is super cute,” he said.


“Why don’t you make a club”: the fun proposal of Eugenio Derbez to bring together Victoria Ruffo and Alessandra Rosaldo

Alessandra Rosaldo without filters: the singer confessed what the fell in love with Eugenio Derbez


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