Alevtina Argunova, the Siberian who wants to ban Halloween at school

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Halloween first appeared in Russia in the late 90s. It has gradually gained popularity but, ironically, a war heavy in casualties like the one in Ukraine is the underlying reason. so that now some authorities in the country outlaw this costume party which has precisely death as its background.

The republic of Sakha-Yakutia in Russia’s Far East has banned Halloween celebrations in schools across the region. As reported last Friday by local media, on October 26, Alevtina Argunova, Deputy Minister of Education of the Siberian region of Sakha-Yakutia, wrote an open letter calling for Halloween to be replaced by “events aimed at preserving and strengthening the moral values”.

Rejection of Western ideas has grown since 2022. Orthodox patriotism is the dominant idea in the official message, but Russians still like to dress up. Increasingly.

Sakha-Yakutia is located in the Far Eastern district, bordering the Arctic Sea to the north, it is considered the coldest region of Russia. But that is precisely where the debate about Halloween has heated up. Sociologists remember that the drive to repress these festivals predates the Russian invasion of its neighbor. Argunova has taken to the national stage by proclaiming that it is “inappropriate.” celebrate this Western holiday “in light of recent events.” The regional deputy minister has been noted for her support of what Russia calls its “special military operation” in Ukraine, offering summer camps and scholarships for children whose parents are fighting.

For a moment their enemy has ceased to be the Ukrainians, and has focused on erasing the pumpkins and phosphorescent skulls of the schools. Argunova encouraged school administrations to replace Halloween activities with others that “strengthen spiritual moral values, develop ideas of patriotism and preserve historical heritage.”

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