Alex Cora; Strong candidate to be manager of Puerto Rico in the 2021 World Classic

The boricua Alex Cora could be next manager from Puerto Rico at World Classic 2021 despite the situation with the MLB.

Even though Alex Cora He used sign theft in many of his achievements, it cannot be taken away from him and is the main name mentioned to be the manager from your country in the World Classic,

Jose Quiles, the president of the Puerto Rican Volleyball Federation, announced that Alex Cora is considered the manager from Puerto Rico or the next general manager of the team in the World Classic. He also added a few words when asked about the situation:

(Of course we would consider it, we already know the work it does. It will be considered for both general manager and manager)

Notably Alex Cora he was part of the Houston Astros and soon after became Champion of the MLB when he won the world series with the Boston Red Sox the year 2017.

There are also two managers in the MLB, Charlie Montoyo from Toronto and Dave Martínez from Washington, are Puerto Ricans and Carlos Beltrán who is suspended by the MLB for the same subject of theft of signs.

Upon completing the suspension, Alex Cora could go back to the bench with some team from the MLB, or also being part of the main office, rumors have been heard that the Red Sox they could bring him back in the MLB.

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