Álex Saab’s defense now goes to the UN to stop extradition

The objective of this contact is “to request urgent communication to the Government of the Republic of Cape Verde in relation to the obstacles that it has arbitrarily placed in the performance of our professional practice as lawyers for the defense team,” says a statement from the firm.

The petition to the rapporteur sets out “the list of facts and antecedents that have occurred since Alex Saab he was arbitrarily detained on June 12 ”, where he has been imprisoned since his arrest. “As has already been denounced publicly in the past months, These facts are a sample of the violation of human rights to which the Special Envoy and diplomatic agent have been subjected“Continues the statement.

Among these facts, the firm highlights that the arrest is illegal as it is a “person with diplomatic inviolability” and because the arrest “was based on an alleged Interpol red alert requested by the United States that was later found not to exist, as it was written a day later ”.

The defense also denounces that Saab has been subjected to a situation “inhuman and degrading“, well “you have been denied medical care”Despite having a disease and“ serious obstacles have been imposed on him to access his right of defense ”.

“These events (…) have created a situation of powerlessness and defenselessness in the Special Envoy and are a clear sign that this arrest is the result of a clear political persecution, which is part of the diplomatic aggression of the United States against Venezuela”, sustains the legal team.

Saab’s lawyers hope that the special rapporteur will make an “urgent appeal” to Cape Verde “to inform you of violations of due process“In this case and” obtain from the State all the pertinent information in order to raise the situation with the pertinent organizations.

After the arrest of the alleged figurehead of Maduro, Venezuela noted that Saab is a Venezuelan citizen and an “agent” of the Government, who was “in transit” in Cape Verde to return to the country.


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