Alex Vizorek: “In France, winning the presidency excites them, however the exercise of power, everyone doesn’t care”

A privileged observer of French (political) life, the comedian-ketje from Uccle appreciates the zwanze of Brussels barter and the complexity of our institutions.

A tankard at 10:30 a.m. takes the stomach. Two mugs until noon, it will remind him of his youth. There are things that do not change, like the Supra Bailly – a fief bar where customers have been silenced and pinted together for decades – and Alex Vizorek, a cat of Uccle who puts on mugs on the bench. In the bar, there are games, darts, somewhat art nouveau, rather eclectic tables, 6 beers on tap, 17 liquors hanging and Laura Branigan singing her 1984 hit “You take my self control, oh ohoh… “.

“In Brussels, it’s more of the pillars of counters that play the poets of everyday life.”

A sip, the foam falls, the photographer shakes and Vizorek lets go that it’s still nice belgium. In France, you can’t put a drink by hand, you can’t drink beer on the air either, much less alcohol on a platter even if nothing looks more like water than vodka. “Oh oh oh!”

Next break-in show

Back in Belgium for a few days, he started running his new show, 10 minutes here, 30 minutes there, as an intro or in addition to one or another humorist at the Comedy Club, a scene, bar and restaurant that he bought with 3 others in Ixelles. Tomorrow the “50 minutes” and all that for be ready for the grand premiere at the Théâtre de la Toison d’or, (TTO), on October 15 even if, initially, it should have taken place on April 28.

But there was the Covid, and all these dramas obviously. Even if for him, confinement “it was like an exam session where you tell yourself if I have one more day to study, I will tear everything apart, except that there, I gained 3 months of refinement” , he explains, putting his scene cards in his pocket.

Death as a subject

The subject? The death. Yes, he knows, it’s not easy. Even less since the appearance of the virus. Having said that, bring out beautiful fat laughter by speaking of Picasso as in the first show, it was “couillu” also. We feel it in the running of the interview too, the opportunity to repeat its arguments, death certainly, but there is also sex – this little death -, the body, reincarnation and the question of religions: “Well, it’s not a TED conference either, huh!“, he explains to us while Jeanne Mas takes up her refrain” Very first time, very first time “.

Brussels remains the nearest “exotic” city for the French, 1 hour 22 minutes by train, and they don’t understand anything.

He chose the bar because he likes it. The kind of place he frequented when he was a student, Friday evenings for dart competitions or weekday mornings when he had a coffee there before lessons, observing couples who, as of 9 a.m. of a Jupiler. There were also artists in the corners, the falsely Montmartre genre, because in Brussels “it’s more pillars of counters that play the poets of everyday life”.

Alex Vizorek will always always prefer the Formica table and these bars which “drizzle bruxelloiseries”.
© Dieter Telemans

We could have gone opposite, this corner bar recently renovated to make it a bit Paris, with pretty chairs and hanging plants except that no, Vizorek assures him the boboïsation will not go through him and he will always choose the table in Formica and these bars which “drip from Brussels”.

It’s funny to see how Brussels remains the closest “exotic” city to the French, 1 h 22 by train, and they don’t understand anything. What is less good, however, is the fascination that the hexagon produces in Belgium, he also read a Belgian editorial titled ‘Vive la France’ “because Macron and Castex had assembled a government in a few hours. “Except that precisely that is the problem, a President decides alone and in the end, he only satisfies 20% of the population where back home, even if it’s very long, we still have a government that satisfies at least 50% of people, on arrival we are still a little happy. “

“Discuss and discuss again until you find a compromise, that’s where the beauty of the system lies!”

Suddenly, no yellow vests, no strikes and no people screaming every day in the street: “It’s shameful to say, but the more complex the political system, the calmer the climate and the more relaxed the people. Here, we do not realize the super luxury in which we live. “

From there not to have a government for the national holiday, certainly it is ugly, but what would be even more would be the return to the polls. “Our DNA is still discuss and rediscuss until you find a compromise, that’s where the beauty of the system lies!

Not worried about the future of the country

In France, it is the opposite, politicians have a pronounced taste for the conquest of power: “Winning the Presidency, it excites them, reconquering the Elysee Palace, it makes them bend, however, the exercise of power, nobody cares.” You just have to see the reshuffle, everyone liked Édouard Philippe and paf, we replace it with Castex “it still smells of the lining that will not shade Macron”.

Otherwise the arrival of Dupond-Moretti, we feel that the humorist appreciates it the average way, “entrusting justice to a lawyer already is limited, but in addition to a man – undoubtedly ultra-intelligent – but who likes to point it out at this point to others, it’s frankly very silly “. In the background, “La danse des canards” accompanies the arrival of masked FFP2 customers who come to have their first beer.

What are you drinking?

  • Favorite aperitif: “A very cool Jupiler with foam. At first, when I came back from Paris by car, I stopped at the border to buy a skirt and a packet of crisps.”
  • At table: “Rather red, a Côte de Blaye, I love the one from Lipp.”
  • Last cooked: “The team dinner for the radio show ‘Par Jupiter’ on June 26 in the street in Paris, a big table and too many mixtures, we were drunk.”
  • AT who pay a drink: “At Baudelaire, he hated the Belgians, Belgium and the fact of not being recognized as Victor Hugo at the time. I would have liked him to tell me about his unhappiness to then tell him how much he since successful. ”

Alex Vizorek checks this show, he still has time for a second mug. He would like a 25cl, except that only 30 is served here. Cindy Lauper begins “Time after time” while the man explains that he will soon have to slip away for a lunch with a director. His second show, yes he can’t wait. The job? Difficult. Besides, if the Covid had first appeared 10 years ago, it would never have had a career. As with many, the co-owner of the Comedy Club assures him, if the recovery takes place in September, “it will be ok”, if it is in September 2021 – humanly and financially – it will be the “catamaran”.

A few days from July 21, he says not to be worried about the future of the country, just to regret that when we meet a Fleming at the other end of the world we say to ourselves “Ah, he’s Belgian. Here not and that’s the drama.”

On leaving, Alex Vizorek crosses his father’s best friend, that chatter and repapote, the opportunity to learn that “Mamy is fine, daddy too” and that everyone will go see the kid on stage in October. Ah, Belgium, this great little country. Now on the radio, Foreigner, “I want to know what love is”.

5 key dates for the humorist

1998 : “At 17, I received a moped, as my uncle had died on a motorcycle, my mother and my grandmother died of fear, so I received a car a year later.”

2001 : “I passed my 1st candy at Solvay, it reassures me and I say to myself: ‘I am not totally stupid’.”

2008 : “I signed up for Cours Florent in Paris, a funnel that could lead me to my dream, I had only one chance to realize it, it changed my life.”

2010 : “I meet Stéphanie Bataille, my teacher and the director of my shows, she pygmalized me, since she’s a friend, a sister and a theater godmother.” 2019: “I play at the Olympia, the day before with my father, we went to make a selfie with our name behind. Young, he was a singer and the Olympia it was our dream for both of us.”

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