Alexander De Croo proud of vaccination in Belgium: “One in three adults received their first injection. This makes us number five in Europe”

Belgium currently occupies fifth place in Europe in the ranking of countries which have already administered the first dose of coronavirus vaccine to their inhabitants, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo announced with great satisfaction on Monday afternoon, after his visit to the Flanders Expo vaccination center in Ghent. “Today, one in three adults in our country has received their first injection. This makes us number five in Europe and that is a good thing. It shows that we have managed to organize all this in a particularly rigorous way” said Alexander De Croo.

The Prime Minister was entitled to a guided tour of the vaccination center in Ghent. Following the step-by-step vaccination course, he spoke with medical and non-medical staff and with people who had been vaccinated.

“I want to support the morale of the volunteers”, commented Mr De Croo, interviewed by Belga. “I hear people who get vaccinated are happy with the way it’s organized. I’ve seen a lot of happy people, all with a mask over their mouths but with a smile behind their ears.”

According to the mayor of Ghent, Mathias De Clercq, the Flanders Expo center is starting to operate at full capacity for the first time. The eight vaccination lanes will be operated for the first time this week. Twenty thousand doses will have been administered at the end of the week.

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