Alexander Pal, Arthur Smolyaninov, Pavel Derevyanko and other actors recorded a video in support of the defendants in the "Moscow affair"


The Russian actors recorded a video in support of the defendants in the "Moscow affair".

The video is called Direct Speech. His characters tell the stories of "Moscow affairs" in first person. The text of the video is based on transcripts of judicial hearings on the "Moscow case" and interviews with the accused.

The actors were Pavel Derevyanko, Evgeny Tsyganov, Alexander Yatsenko, Alexander Gorchilin, Yuri Borisov, Alexander Pal, Nikita Kukushkin, Arthur Smolyaninov, Grigory Dobrygin, Alexander Ilyin Jr. and comedian Danila Pererechny.

"In a situation where neither the Constitution, nor lawyers, nor common sense prevent the court from issuing sentences incompatible with reality, only the attention of the public and the media can help the defendants in the" Moscow case " "We hope these stories remind people of how important it is to stay partial so that tomorrow will not be in place of those who really need our help today," says the caption of the video.

Previously, the artists held a flash mob on social networks and one-handed pickets in support of actor Pavel Ustinov, who Tverskoy court in Moscow gave 3.5 years in prison for allegedly attacking a Russian guard during a protest in Moscow.

Many celebrities have spoken in defense of Ustinov. Against the backdrop of the resonance caused by the Ustinov case, the Moscow city court first released the actor from the pre-trial detention center, and on September 30 replaced the actual term for one year in prison on condition.



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