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Alexandra Barber and Csuja Fanni they took a joint baby bump picture. The 35-year-old actress and the daughter of Imre Csuja have been good friends for a long time, and now life brought them to be pregnant at the same time, and this was captured in an adorable joint photo.

Alexandra Borbély and Ervin Nagy surprised many in mid-June, announced on social media that they are expecting twins. Csuja Fanni’s pregnancy was revealed by her husband, Péter Telekes is the Hot! in a magazine interview said that their family is expanding.

Borbély Alexandra and Csuja Fanni with baby bellies

The two girlfriends give birth to their children two months apart. Csuja Fanni gives birth first, her three children, Marci, Matyi and Anna, get a little brother in the middle of autumn. Borbély Alexandra and Ervin Nagy are expecting their twin daughters in December.

“With my dear sister, Csuja Fanni. This friendship is very old, we were studioists at the National Theater for 17 years, they took me in with her family, I lived with them for a year! Fanni is expecting her 4th baby, and I also managed to join her, she is 2 months ahead of me, by one centimeter,” the post reads.

The fans adored the two mothers together, they couldn’t help but praise how radiant they look. Several people also commented on how good it is to hear about such deep friendships.

Daughter of Éva Bata and Zoltán Bereczki

Zoltán Bereczki and Éva Bata protect their daughter from the public, they didn’t show her face, but we can see how big the one-year-old baby is already: the actress posted a mother-daughter photo on the occasion of World Breastfeeding Day and World Breastfeeding Week.

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