Alexandra Hörler married the dentist Juan Francisco Pardo on the beach Barbados Instagram Farándula nndc | PEOPLE

Alexandra Hörler she married Juan Francisco Pardo. The sports journalist shared different photos of her wedding with the dentist in Barbados.

Through an extensive publication on her Instagram profile, the journalist said that her relationship with her husband began as a fairy tale and on the beach.

“Once upon a time, there were two crazy beachgoers who met in front of the sea. They were very different, each with an opposite personality. She, spontaneous, busy, disorderly, chaotic, absolutely independent, happy, but also with a character of those, those that are sometimes scary. Of those who laugh all the time, have energy to give away in life, live with intensity “Hörler wrote at the beginning of his public message.

“Today we start a new life, together, as spouses and we will be happy until the sea dries up and it does not join us again. I love you, husband Juan Francisco Pardo. We beat everything and everyone. And this would not have been possible without some fairies ”, added.

As can be seen in the photographs, Alexandra Hörler agreed with a totally white dress. While her husband wore a light blue suit.


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