Alexandria feels heavy rain for two days and increases the degree of extreme alertness

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The Alexandria Governorate warned its citizens of the damage that could result from heavy rains on the city Friday and Saturday, according to the forecast forecasting models of the forecasting center in the field of planning and precipitation maps on the Arab Republic. ;Egypt.

Dr. Abdulaziz Qanswa, Governor of Alexandria, met yesterday to check the preparations of the Governorate and all the relevant agencies to deal with the forecast of the current precipitation, indicating the possibility of heavy rains, as well as discuss the measures taken by the sewage company in cooperation and coordination with district leaders and all stakeholders. Bassiouni, Secretary General of the Governorate, Major General Hamdi Al-Hashash, Deputy General Secretary, Major General Mahmoud Nafie, Chairman of the Alexandria Sewer's Board of Directors and District Chiefs.

During the meeting, the governor underlined the necessity for each party to fulfill its specific role and to be fully prepared and on 24-hour alert to deal with any unforeseen events during the current and stressed the presence of leaders neighborhood and street drainage officials, emergency and distribution of breakers and emergency teams throughout the province, and focus on rainwater collection sites, adding that we will not allow any negligence or negligence on any part.

The governor has instructed the sanitation company and all the executive bodies concerned to raise the alert and the extreme emergency to manage the predictions of precipitation forecasting models, the continuous monitoring of the different road conditions and monitoring of any emergencies to avoid problems in any area due to rains.

He also stressed that the Chamber of Operations of the province is constantly and continuously, to deal with any emergency crisis, in which the Chamber receives all citizens' complaints about the accumulation of rainwater.

The province has invited citizens to pay attention and take the necessary measures to avoid the damage that could result from the rains.

In an emergency, contact the main operating room by keeping the direct line 114 or 4234132, 4234131, 4234133, 4234134, 4234135, 4234136 or any telephone.


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