World Alexey Navalny. The oppositionist shared the first photo...

Alexey Navalny. The oppositionist shared the first photo after poisoning

In the photo, Alexei Navalny is accompanied by his family. We see the wife and son. In a short communiqué, the opposition activist wrote that “yesterday all day he managed to breathe on his own”.

Let us remind you. On August 20, Alexei Navalny felt bad on board the flying plane from Tomsk to Moscow. As his condition left no illusions that the fight was fought for his life, he was transported to a hospital in Omsk. Thanks to pressure from his family, he was transported to Germany, where he remains to this day.

As reported by the German services Alexey Navalny was about to be poisoned by a nowiczok. This poison is similar to the poison that was poisoned by the double agent Sergei Skripal in 2018. However, as the services point out, this time the measure was stronger and was not known in this form so far. Commentators add that such a declaration means that Russia is testing a new one chemical weapon.

Since his arrival in Germany, Alexei Navalny’s condition has gradually improved. On Monday, it was reported that the politician was able to “briefly leave the bed on his own.”

Alexey Navalny poisoned. Putin’s rival is fighting for his life



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