Alexia Putellas speaks clearly: "We couldn’t leave Jenni alone. She had to draw strength from wherever she could to fight."

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This Sunday Alexia Putellas He has spoken again, and just as he did in the press conference prior to the match against Sweden, he did so clearly. The players were asked to openly say what they wanted and the captain of the team has said it. “We ask zero tolerance for what everyone saw and what they have not seen, but what they cannot talk about because there is a trial underway. We also request structural changes,” the Catalan repeated. However this time she went one step further and she dared to put concrete examples of situations that for her and the rest of her colleagues are not tolerable. “In qualifying for the Euro Cup, one day before the game, we had to catch a plane at three in the morning. Schedules that we considered generated wear and tear and were not for elite athletes. That was not normal and at the same time The next day we would have to compete. There are many and repeated examples like that,” acknowledged the captain of the Spanish team.

She also dared to give a second example in which she explained that her rivals traveled by plane and that they traveled six hours by bus. Putellas also stated that she did not understand the change of concentration location, which led them to move to Oliva, Valencia. “The team’s home is in Las Rozas, and we had not done anything wrong by not going there. They told us it was for security, security of what?” the world champion questioned. About this she continued saying that they did not understand many things, but that everything was discussed in the meeting they held until five in the morning.

Regarding whether the players wanted to play again or not, the double Ballon d’Or winner stated: “We are the first ones we want to be in, but the issue is that what we are clear about is zero tolerance for these events. The system failed, the federation and the country. “You have to have uncomfortable conversations to improve the things you have failed at.”

The Barça player acknowledged that both she and the rest of her teammates denounced “a type of attitudes and behavior that cannot be tolerated in any workplace. “There they listen to us, which is not something that has always happened.”

Despite the complaints about supposedly inappropriate behavior in elite sport, the Catalan recognized that the meeting in Oliva was a turning point and that now things are better than after the World Cup ended.

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