Alfredo Adame: money laundering and fraud, the crimes of which he accuses Andrea Legarreta

A few days ago we informed you that the star of the “Hoy program”, Andrea Legarreta He was honest in front of the television cameras when he revealed that he will proceed legally against his former partner in the morning, Alfredo Adamewho a few days ago returned to launch some strong comments against her.

Severely upset, the famous host of Televisa asked the media and not associate her with any issue with Alfredo Adamebecause in the next few days he will offer more details of the legal process that he will initiate against him due to the constant attacks he receives.

“I am preparing a lawsuit to shut the mouth of a guy who has had enough of me,” said the star of Hoy.

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Alfredo Adame lists Andrea Legarreta’s crimes

After the important revelation of Andrea Legarretathe morning program “Venga La Alegría” interviewed Alfredo Adame to know your opinion about the legal process that will be initiated against you. Without holding anything back, the former soap opera gallant listed a series of crimes against his former partner.

in front of the cameras TV Azteca, the also protagonist of soap operas such as “Por amar sin ley”, “A que no me dejas” and “What life stole from me” said that he has enough arguments to “block” the lawsuits that are filed against him. In the case of Andrea Legarreta, he confessed that he has investigated her and found several crimes.

“I have a topic with which to answer him and block his demands. When I don’t like people and I don’t want them, I investigate them. We can talk about money laundering, criminal gangs, real estate fraud,” he explained.

Besides, Alfredo Adame, former host of the “Hoy program”, accused Andrea Legarreta of making his life impossible by taking away his projects. He said that the host did too many evil things to him during the time they met on the San Ángel television station.

“20 years of heavy life, he took projects from me. He did me evil and a half. You insult me ​​and I’ll return it to you,” he said.

Finally, the former television host spoke again about the recent separation between Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubin saying that it was not his fault that Apio Quijano became the “third party” in the relationship, since he was romantically linked to the former vocalist of “Timbiriche”.


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