Algeria has received the frequencies of the open channels for the match between the quarter-finals of the Algeria and the Ivory Coast. Reception of the Algerian soil frequency on Nilesat


The open channels coincide with Algeria and the Ivory Coast today in the Nations of Africa, directly Thursday 12 July, and the times begin Watch the match between Algeria and Ivory Coast today 18:00 in Cairo, and many expect the end of the meeting to win the Desert Warriors on the opening day of the matches in the quarter-finals of the African Nations Cup.

Channels open to combine Algeria and Guinea
Channels open to combine Algeria and Guinea

Channels open for Algeria and Ivory Coast

An open channel that broadcasts Algeria and Ivory Coast for free on Nilesat, the Algerian national television channel, a channel belonging to Algerian state television, can be broadcast by land to watch the game of # 39. ; Algeria today, as well as satellite transmission after decoding the channel that transmits the Horizontal frequency channel on Nilesat.

Time Sport broadcast on Egypt, Algeria and Ivory Coast today at 21:00 for all Egyptians at home, a match between one of the strongest teams to win the Algerian team title and his Devoiri death at the air defense stadium of Cairo, the fourth match of the Algerian team after Three victories in the group, the last at the expense of Tanzania.


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