Ali met about her participation in the Mummies Parade: Beautiful and Simple Fatigue People Think of Baba | news

With her elegant presence and performance, the percussionist Taqi Ali was able to draw attention to her in the celebration of the royal mummies procession that the whole world watched. continued with Taqa Ali, who expressed her happiness and feeling proud to participate in the majestic procession, pointing out that she was chosen by musician Nader Abbasi when he began preparations for the Philharmonic Union Orchestra.

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Taqa added that she joined the Cairo Symphony Orchestra since she was 17 years old, and she also studied rhythm at the Conservatory in Childhood.

Taqa pointed out that the preparations for the celebration began last December, but stopped for a period due to the spread of the Corona virus, then returned a week before the celebration, adding that the preparations included many rehearsals, especially the rhythm section, and said, “It was fatigue and effort, but sweet fatigue.”

Taqi expressed her happiness with the reactions of the audience, especially after knowing that she was the daughter of the late artist Ali Abdel-Rahim, and said, “By God, I am happy, because people think of a Pope and they will answer his biography and connect me with him, and I feel that I am an extension of my fatherhood. This is an inestimable need .. a beautiful feeling beyond description.”

Taqi said, “Baba was always encouraging me and he used to say,” You will remain something and you will arrive at once, because the position was very beautiful, and the feeling that it exists, and I wish it was still there, but praise be to God. “

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