Alianza made the ticket for FAS in the first stage of the semi-final –


The tigrillos were administrative premises in Cuscatlán. But the whites have respected their territory, taking the largest number of fans

The dissatisfaction of the Red Mob, with the current leadership of FAS, covered this semifinal, so the team no longer had the support of its official bar, since it was from the first date they left as local, in this tournament.

If there was a good number of followers of Fastanecos, but the difference was again marked by pachyderms, for which this scenario is their home in the League and also because they had musical instruments, which the Blaugrana did not have, besides banners and flags.

They filled them in 75-80% of the general sol sector, which they had assigned almost entirely. They also almost filled the shadow and the north tribune. The tigrillos were located in the shade and in a southern tribune, which occupied about 60%. Between the audience there were both sides and although sometimes there were challenges, they did not go over a couple of times. Preferred solar sectors on both sides were not enabled.

It is true that they were not the number of amateur tigrillos that would have been expected, but they were enough buyers not to be overshadowed by the albos, which were constant with their traditional songs, among which the "Come I do not want … ", with which they have marked the territory of the register.

A warrior

The special and different moment was given by the presence of Carlitos, a boy Santaneco who was burned by his body, the product of a fire in his house, which served as a factory for pyrotechnic games.

Raúl Renderos, as captain of FAS, and Herbert Sosa, of Alianza, recount a little of the boy's rehabilitation history, which then brought the ball to the central referee, Marlon Mejía, to the applause of the hobbies of the two teams, recognizing the warrior attitude of Carlitos.



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