Alibasov's son defined the purpose of claiming relatives to the producer of "Mole"


MOSCOW, 11 June – RIA news. The relatives of Bari Alibasova have not given themselves the task of receiving compensation from the manufacturer of cleaning products for pipes with which the producer was poisoned, want to get justice, his son Bari Alibasov Jr. told reporters Tuesday .

Alibasov went to the hospital after accidentally drinking a tube cleaning fluid. The press service of the manufacturer has clarified that the doctors have diagnosed a fourth degree esophageal burn, a burn of the stomach of second degree and burns of the respiratory tract. Previously, public relations director Alibasova Vadim Gorzhankin told RIA Novosti that the producer had abandoned the drug suspension status, but so far it does not recognize anyone and remembers nothing.

Previously, the press service of Rospotrebnadzor reported that the agency will check the marking of the means for cleaning "Mole" pipes and compliance with the requirements and standards of GOST. The Bari-based Alibasov family has decided to sue the manufacturer of the pipes cleaning equipment, which, according to relatives, has poisoned the producer.

"I was sincerely convinced that my father's distraction was to blame … But the next day we started receiving appeals, that people had the same problems with deaths, with the drug in the same package. There is no task of get compensation from Mole, this is a civilized position, "the son said.

According to him, the doctor at the Sklifosovsky Research Institute said that about 200 people come to the clinic every year with similar burns. "This is a story that needs to be influenced, this problem should be addressed," emphasized Alibasov Jr.

Previously, Gorozhankin noted that Alibasova's wife Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina decided to file a lawsuit against AMC Media LLC, the manufacturer of the mole, the Clean Pipes liquid brand, which was released under the Cinderella brand. Assistant producer Sergei Motsar, who came after Alibasov's call to his home and called an ambulance, said the bottle with a chemical agent, in his opinion, looks a lot like drinking yogurt, and the liquid itself does not have a harsh chemical odor. Motsar suggests that Alibasov most likely confused "Mole" with drinking yogurt. Gorozhankin noted that Alibasov had poor eyesight and that he was without glasses at the time he drank the drug.

RIA Novosti does not have a comment from the manufacturer yet.

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