Alicia Witt: – Parents died:

A month ago, it became known that “The Walking Dead” actress Alicia Witts’ (46) parents, Diane (75) and Robert (87), were found dead in their home in Worcester, Massachusetts.

It reported AP News.

According to the publication, the actor had not heard from the parents for several days, and thus asked a relative to take a check.

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– Does not really feel

Now she opens for the first time about her parents’ sudden death and the grief she herself is left with. She does this on Instagram and Facebook.

“It still does not feel like it really is. It’s now been a month since I got anxious, when I had not heard from them, and called to get someone to drop by. I waited, sat with the phone in my hand and prayed fervently that the next incoming call would be from them – probably annoyed because I had engaged someone else to look at them “, she begins the post.

Witt has attached an old photo of himself as a child between his parents, as well as several photos taken in recent times.

She further writes that she understood what had happened as soon as she heard the police investigator’s voice at the other end of the line. She realized they were gone.

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Congratulations to the parents

Witt uses the opportunity to thank for all the love and support, not least she thanks the funeral home for a nice farewell. When describing her deceased parents, she struggles to find words that cover her love for them.

“My parents were brilliant teachers, deeply kind, curious, intuitive, wise, young at heart, funny – there will never be enough adjectives to describe them.”

Such was the life of the late comedian

Such was the life of the late comedian

The 46-year-old also adds that it is a long way to go to talk about their death, especially since the parents were very private.

“The circumstances surrounding my parents’ sudden death have become food for the press, and there are some misconceptions that roll around – understandably enough. This is very delicate for me to write, because I want to respect their privacy which they valued so highly ».

Witt further writes that it is therefore a terrible irony that precisely this protection of privacy, may now have led to them losing their lives.

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– My heart is broken

Witt says that both parents were very stubborn, and that they refused to accept help from her or others.

“I had no idea that the heating in their home was damaged. I will never understand how or why they chose not to tell me this, and not let me help them with this. My heart is broken ».

According to local newspapers Telegram & Gazette “Freezing temperatures, a non-functioning oven, a temporary space heater, and a home in need of maintenance” could be potential contributors to Robert and Diane’s death. The National Weather Service also indicated that the night before they passed, the temperature dropped to its lowest point that month and was at freezing temperatures of minus ten degrees.

The cause of death of Robert and Diane has not yet been announced.

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