Alien Aircraft Hovering 6 Years in Space, Check the Facts!

Novina Putri BestariCNBC Indonesia


Friday, 24/03/2023 19:20 WIB

Photo: Illustration Oumuamua. (Photo: ESO/M. Kornmesser via Wikimedia Commons (CC-BY-SA-4.0))

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – In 2017, ‘Oumuamua’ was found floating in space. The object is quite odd in shape, namely an elongated and flat rock.

Many think that Oumuamua is an alien spaceship. There were also some early scientists who thought the object contained secret messages from aliens.

Based on recent research by University of Berkeley assistant professors of astrochemistry Jennifer Bergner and Darryl Seligman, Oumuamua was designated as a comet.

They explained the comet would travel through the interstellar medium and be ripened by cosmic radiation. It is in the form of hydrogen.

Based on old research papers, cosmic rays will bombard the ice and produce the hydrogen that is in it. For Oumuamua, the ice would have produced hydrogen to push along the path but with the gas remaining on the surface so it’s not like a typical comet.

“If there’s a debut on the ice metric, you don’t sublimate the ice, you just rearrange the ice and let the H2 be released. So the dust won’t come out,” Seligman said, quoted The RegisterFriday (24/3/2023).

Bergner added that in comets with a diameter of several kilometers, the release of gas from a thin shell. So it probably won’t be detected.

“But because Oumuamua is so small we thought it would actually generate enough power to drive this acceleration,” he explained.


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