Alien shark-like jellyfish jumping through Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year -

A stunning black-and-white photo that captures thousands of fish about to swim for its life has captured a young British photographer in the 2018 Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year.

Tracey Jennings, based in Malaysia, dived under a pier in Indonesia when she witnessed the moment – a hunt between predators and prey began.

Ms. Jennings, the first female winner of the competition, did not even realize what she had captured in a film, as the image was one of the thousands taken during a six-hour immersion for the professional photographer, who has not been touched on his hard drive for almost a year

"When I finally went through my images, it jumped on me," he said.

"I love the way the light plays through the fish and how it really describes the essence of the feeling I felt beneath the jetty where life and death play around you."

The beautiful photo is one of many on display as part of the 2018 Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year, which is hosted in Sydney by the Australian Museum and produced in collaboration with the South Australian Museum.

From picturesque landscapes, underwater shows and creatures found only in Australia, the photos show the unique and different part of the world in which we live.

Entitled "hide and seek", this black and white photo taken by British photographer Tracey Jennings captured the moment when thousands of fish began to escape from an approaching predator under an Indonesian dock

"Animal Habitat" by Sean Scott shows a pair of sharks jumping in and out of the surf with a third predator looming below

One of Matthew Smith's many voices for the portfolio award, "Bright & # 39; shows the blueberry blubottle jellyfish

A toothless whaling shark has spilled into the gentle swell of Duesbury Beach on the southern coast of New South Wales

Another of Jennings' entrances from under the dock captures thousands of small fish that traverse through wooden piles under water

The photographer Georgina Steytler says she fell in love with the kangaroos after taking this photo of two young wrecked joey

Another of Sean Scott's voices captured this turtle by plunging his head out of the water, Scott sharing the moment on his social media page as "some things I will never forget"

A sprawling tree that spreads its roots along a rocky wall in Tasmania was captured on film by photographer Nicholas Monk

Low clouds and reflecting waters have captured a transcendent vision of New Zealand's Taranaki

Craig Parry, based in Byron Bay, captured this landscape of rain falling in New South Wales as a rainbow emerges

Kim Borg's photograph captured this photo of a pair of peregrine falcons scouring plastics for nesting materials

Junior photographer Georgia Poyner has captured this family of dolphins having fun in the waters of New South Wales

Shortly after taking the picture above, Ms. Poyner captured a seal and an aquatic bird diving into a school of fish

The junior photographer Miré Cloete entered this photo of a green snake that was searching through the darkness uneasily

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