Aliyev: Gazzayev had the most meaningless training

Aliyev: Gazzayev had the most meaningless training

Former Dynamo Kyiv midfielder Alexander Aliev spoke about work under the leadership Valeria Gazzayev.

“Pavel Yakovenko had the most difficult trainings, and Gazzayev the most meaningless ones. I did not understand them at all. Many probably also did not understand, but they had to. Yes, others were silent, but I never keep silent.

Gazzaev had a bauble – when our gates attacked, he spat out so that we would not be scored. Did he then have a spat on his coat? There were special assistants who walked and wiped it. I’m already joking.

Gazzaev also had a favorite topic, when he came in the golden watch, he immediately got out the phone to show himself. All this then removed and gave installation. And when it was already necessary to enter the field, he stood up and, dancing on the spot, said: “Well, guys, I wish you good luck. Today we have such a prize. Good luck, ”Aliyev said in an interview with Kent on the YouTube channel.

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