all councilors and proxies

Today morning, Saturday 25 June, the mayor Sergio Giordani presented the new municipal council, which will remain in office until 2027.

Councilors and proxies

This is the composition, with the powers of each individual councilor:

  • Sergio Giordani, mayor: Greater Padua and Metropolitan City; Arcella project; Healthy Cities; Programming and control; Communication and external relations; URP; Civic Network; Health; Relations with the trade unions; Innovation; Youth policies; Budget and General Affairs; University; Private Construction; Enhancement and Accessibility of the Municipal Complex; Twinning; Agenda 21; Strategic PNRR coordination; Special Works and Territorial Planning; and everything that is not expressly delegated to the councilors.
  • Andrea Micalizzi, Deputy Mayor: Public Works; Infrastructure and Maintenance; Equity and Equity Investments; Municipal building; Civil protection; River waters; Enhancement of the Walls and the Park of the Walls; Urban quality.
  • Francesca Benciolini, councilor: Decentralization and Neighborhoods; Subsidiarity; International Cooperation and Peace; Demographic and Cemetery Services; Human rights; Superintendency; Residential Construction; Housing policies; Accessibility and independent living.
  • Diego Bonavina, councilor: Civic Advocacy and Contracts; Sport; Sport facilities; Sporting events; Urban security; Local police; Legality; Anti-corruption; Transparency
  • Antonio Bressa, councilor: Production and trade activities; Territorial marketing; Taxes and Land Registry; Great Events; Consumer protection policies; Street furniture; Green, Parks and Agriculture.
  • Margherita Cera, councilor: Human resources; Health, prevention and safety; Administrative simplification; Digital Agenda Program; IT and telematic services; Soft City; Community Programs and Projects.
  • Andrea Colasio, councilor: Culture and Museums; Monumental Building; Tourism.
  • Margherita Colonel, councilor: Social; Social integration and inclusion; Participation; Right to study; Labor and Employment Policies; Gender Policies and Equal Opportunities; Fight against gender-based violence.
  • Cristina Piva, councilor: Educational and school policies; Social Cohesion; Volunteering and Civil Service; School building.
  • Andrea Ragona, councilor: Urban planning; Mobility and traffic; Cycling; Environment.
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