Business All dollars fell due to the need for pesos...

All dollars fell due to the need for pesos (wholesaler rose due to BCRA purchases)

The retail segment decoupled from the Single and Free Exchange Market (MULC), where the currency rose 28 cents to $ 64.05 on a wheel where An improvement in the private offer exempted the Central Bank from selling foreign currency and even allowed it to make purchases to set a floor in the price.

“At the exchange rate, despite the fact that most of the regional currencies appreciated, the wholesale dollar continued to respect the gradual slide that validates the BCRA,” said economist Gustavo Ber. And he added: “despite this, the gaps remain calm -even with the projected acceleration in the monetary issue due to the crisis- since, as a counterpart, the transactional need for pesos of the economic agents grows in this context.”

Blue and dollars stock

The implicit exchange rates that are operated in the stock market fall sharply, reducing the exchange gap to 38.25%.

The Cash with Liquidation (CCL) -which is obtained from the purchase and sale of shares or bonds in order to escape currency- yielded $ 3.6 (3.9%) to $ 87.99, so the gap with the wholesale dollar narrows to 37.40%.

For his part, the MEP dollar -which arises from the purchase and sale of bonds on the Buenos Aires stock exchange- dropped $ 4.61 (5%) to $ 86.79, a value that left a spread of 35.50% with respect to the currency listed on the MULC.

In the informal segment, meanwhile, the blue dollar fell $ 1 to $ 84.50 in caves in the city of Buenos Aires, according to the survey by Ámbito.

Dollar in the world

The dollar depreciated this Wednesday versus a basket of currencies, as the impending approval of a $ 2 trillion stimulus package in the US increased appetite for risk and reduced demand for the security of the currency.

Investors have also reduced their exposure to the dollar before the data on requests for unemployment benefits in the northern country is known, which the market expects to show an increase as companies closed to stop the spread of the virus. In that context, the greenback lost 0.8%.

In the region, the Mexican peso appreciated 3.4% while the Brazilian real rose 1% against the American currency. At the same time, the Colombian peso closed up 1.5% and the Chilean peso barely corrected 0.1% higher.

Futures and reserves

The terms showed slight variations. The months of March and April traded at $ 64.47 and $ 67.56 respectively, while for May they traded at $ 70.60.

Finally, the BCRA’s International Reserves rose $ 27 million this Wednesday compared to last Friday. In this way, the monetary authority enriched its coffers after losing $ 956 million over 8 days and accumulating $ 43,856 million.



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