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All know Stadium the final of the African Champions League.. and the appeal

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Wednesday 17 June 2020

Books – the age of the Cor:

Revealed Samson’adamo, director of the Federation’s competitions committee of the African football, the date of the completion of my championship African Champions League and the Confederacy, explaining the location of the clubs participating in the competitions of the African in the next season.

Said Adamo in the comments for the program “player” across the channel “MBC Egypt”: “the resumption of the championships African Champions League and confederations will be in the month of September, but did not specify the deadlines so far.”

“The final of the African Champions League will be in Cameroon on the Gabba days, the final Confederacy will be in Rabat in Morocco”.

He completed: “it will happen after the final decision on the mass audience, I believe that all will be the freedom of the Union Local to decide it according to the current circumstances, there will be medical procedures strict when completing the games.”

And Adamo about the fate of the clubs participating in the tournaments of the African through next season, saying: “things vary from state to state, especially that the league may be cancelled in some states or for much longer”.

And completed: “the decision in this case back to the local unions for each state, that will determine their representatives in the next version of the tournament the African Champions League or Confederacy, not a union of African football”.

He explained: “the African Union has nothing to do with local transactions, each local consortium is not right with his government to decide the fate of the championship season whether to proceed or cancel”.

Continued: “There is a perception Full Complete Games qualifier African nations in the case of open airspace and airports in the month of September, October and November before the start of the African nations in January 2021”.

Completed official all saying: “the championship of African nations will be in Cameroon during the period from January 10 until February 8, 2021, and will identify other match of the qualifying African nations during the next period in detail”.

Was Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of youth and Sports announced the return of competitions on the 25th of next month, with the approval of the government on the resumption of the Egyptian Premier League.

Recall that Ahly and Zamalek will face the WAC and hope Moroccans in the semi-final of the African Champions League, while the team Hori a Conakry Guinea in the semi-final of the Confederacy.



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