All Rocket League and Fortnite Llama-Branch event challenges and how to complete them

Rocket League has become one of the big names this September after its step to the model free-to-play and they wanted to celebrate it with an event crossover with Fortnite called Llama-Rama that begins on Saturday, September 26 and will conclude on October 12.

This event consists of a series of challenges in Rocket League that allow you to unlock in-game Psyonix elements inspired by Fortnite and the battle royale cosmetic items inspired by Rocket League, so it is interesting for both some and other players.

Definitely, It is a powerful bet by Epic Games to publicize a game that has always enjoyed a certain popularity but has the opportunity to make the final leap with the move to free-to-play. With these challenges, Fortnite players have an incentive to try it out, and if they like it, they will be able to use items they are familiar with.

For Rocket League there will be one item of each type, including one skin of the Fortnite bus that will use the same hitbox that the Merc. You can see all the objects, which are mainly inspired by the recognizable flame from Fortnite, clicking on this link.

Regarding Fortnite, how gestures, trails can be unlocked and the jackpot will be a backpack inspired by the popular Octane – one of the Rocket League vehicles – that will have a variant.

The challenges are relatively straightforward, and while some may require some skill, they should end up completing themselves.. What you do have to keep in mind is that you must equip each reward in Rocket League as soon as you obtain it. We tell you what they are:

  • Challenge 1: Play a game online in any way. You get the Flame antenna.
  • Challenge 2: Win a casual game with Llama’s antenna. You get the topper of flame.
  • Challenge 3: Score, assist or save goals 5 times with the topper of flame. You get the Flame sticker for the Octane.
  • Challenge 4: Win five games online in any mode with the Flame sticker. You get the Llama wheels.
  • Challenge 5: Get the MVP in any game online with Llama wheels. You get the Battle Bus and all related items.


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