All the bodies of the 13 victims of the Murcia fire were found in an area of ​​20 square meters

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The bodies of the 13 victims of the fire in the Atalayas de Murcia leisure area were found in a space of twenty square meters on the first floor of the Fonda Milagro nightclub, as explained. Juan Angel Christmasan officer of the Fire Department of the City Council of the regional capital, at noon before a cloud of journalists in front of the police cordon on Isla Cristina Street.

The remains of four of the deceased, as detailed by Navidad, were in the bathrooms where they had to take shelter from the fire, while seven more were in two groups along the bathroom hallway. stages reserved rooms and two more among the rubble of the toilet area.

After collecting material from the rubble of the zero zone yesterday before the access Scientific police to the premises, where six specialists are working to investigate the causes and origin of the fire, the officer has specified that the warehouse – referring to the three nightclubs as a whole – “is not useful at all”, being in very poor condition. “It is the City Council and the owners of the premises that will now have to decide whether he declares them in ruin” for possible demolition,” he added.

According to Christmas, the members of the Fire Department arrived at Isla Cristina Street eight minutes after the alert call from the single emergency telephone number, with 80% of the park being in the area. Upon arrival, the firefighters “entered the Fonda Milagros building without a water line in order to help the people inside,” managing to remove two people who “were lost and disoriented.”

Regarding the structural integrity of the ship, Navidad has revealed that “its structure was deformed but the first floor in no case collapsed, but a toilet wall and a railing did.”

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