World 'All Wuhan' is being tested on corona, nearly a...

‘All Wuhan’ is being tested on corona, nearly a quarter of a million people on Saturday NOW

The Chinese city of Wuhan is gaining momentum with regard to the intention to test all eleven million inhabitants of the city for the corona virus. 222,675 people were tested on Saturday. On Thursday and Friday, a total of 186,400 people had some throat or nasal mucus taken, according to local health authorities.

By massively testing residents, Wuhan wants to prevent the virus from spreading again through people who have no symptoms and are therefore less aware of the spread risks. Since Wuhan started testing the test numbers per day on February 21, testing has not been done on such a large scale.

Wuhan started the project last Thursday and since then 28 people (without symptoms) have tested positive. Although the city strives to test everyone, it is officially voluntary. Those who have already been tested do not have to do that again.

Criticism of mass testing

Wuhan’s lockdown, where the corona outbreak began in December, was lifted on April 8. A cluster of infected patients was first discovered last weekend, which is why the large-scale test campaign is now being held. However, this also meets with criticism; some residents fear that the virus will spread again because people gather at the test locations.

China’s Hubei province, which includes Wuhan, has so far reported 68,134 infections and 4,512 coronavirus deaths.

Follow the latest developments around the virus in our live blog.

The coronavirus in short



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