Alla Pugacheva's nephew was hit by a car

Alla Pugacheva

Alla Pugacheva // Photo: Leigion-Media

Last week was a new misfortune: a 33-year-old Pugachev was hit by a car. The accident occurred in the city of Novomichurinsk, in the Ryazan region, where he lived for the past six months.

"Vlad was hospitalized," a friend of Pugachev told StarHit. – He was returning from the shop when a car passed fast at high speed and touched. A friend fell, but he couldn't get up. After the operation, Vlad has not yet fully recovered, there are still problems with his small fingers – they are looking sideways. Because it is difficult for him to take winter shoes. Any injury in this condition can lead to serious consequences. Fortunately, he spent only a few hours in the clinic, then he was allowed to go home. "

Diva takes care of Vlad Wife's son (pictured - far right)

Diva takes care of Vlad Wife's son (pictured – far right) // Photo: Ruslan Roshchupkin

StarHit has discovered that Pugachev is not working anywhere. A man exists on money from the delivery of real estate in Moscow – two-bedroom apartments, inherited from his father, and odnushki in the "Falcon" metro area, which provided a famous relative. He also receives a pension as a disabled person in the second group. For the province it gets a decent amount – about 80 thousand rubles. Son Zhenya, he had not seen for four years.

Vlada was protected by a new boyfriend – Julia Pobedinskaya. He has a daughter from a previous marriage.

"I found true happiness with Yulia," Vlad shared with StarHit. – This is my last pier. He doesn't need money – neither mine nor Allina's. She loves me and I love her. And I haven't talked to my aunt for a long time. He stopped communicating – he doesn't answer any calls or messages. After the emergency, I went down with a slight fear and a few bruises.

Pugachev has found a new loved one - Julia

Pugachev has found a new loved one – Julia // Photo: personal archive

Diva herself is preparing for a large-scale concert in honor of her 70th birthday. Alla Borisovna has to try a lot, because he hasn't given great concerts for a long time. Tickets for his shows have already been purchased, but fans still have the opportunity to participate in the event.

Maxim Galkin revealed some details about the upcoming show. According to the artist, the public will see a true musical performance, composed mainly of new compositions. "I built a house, there is a pool there. Alla, when she swims in the pool, she sings there. In principle, she doesn't dedicate me to the subtleties of what she does. I don't know exactly what will be at the concert. I have moved and I have not disturbed. In general, our whole life is built to not disturb her. At the moment she is trying an entire concert, her voice is fine. It is an incredible perfectionist. life, I knew only one person who was so critical of his voice. He was a Muslim Magomayev, "Maxim said.


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