Alleged BVB posters against Nazis: #RealLightStattRechteTriebe


Alleged BVB posters against Nazis

In Dortmund placards with pithy quotes from BVB players and coach Favre against Nazis appear in Dortmund. What is behind it?

Poster on a advertising pillar. It says: Dear lose the championship to Bayern as Dorstfeld to the Nazis

One of the posters in Dortmund Photo: dpa

BERLIN taz | For a brief moment, it actually seemed credible that BVB could have commissioned these posters. They looked professional, they wore the logo of the club and had the nice hashtag #FrenchLiebeStattRechteTriebe. You could be a bit surprised about the pithy political slogans, but the public relations department of BVB is one that would have been quite credible. Regional media praised the “strong signal” of the football club against the law. Then everything was a fake.

At several locations in the center of Dortmund placards appeared in which BVB player and coach Lucien Favre allegedly positioned against Nazis. “Better lose the championship to Bayern as Dorstfeld to the Nazis,” was attributed to Mario Götze, a beautiful saying. “Better substitute bank than right-winger,” said Lukasz Piszceck allegedly, and Marco Reus demanded: “dear Schalke victory as a Nazi kitty.”

After some confusion Borussia Dortmund has to via Twitter Commenting: “Borussia Dortmund stands for the fight against racism and clearly distances itself from any form of discrimination. However, BVB is not the author of the currently circulating posters. “Apparently it is a made with much effort guerrilla action. Who the actual authors of the posters are, was initially unknown on Sunday.

Even the dropout organization Exit, whose logo can be seen on the posters, has a stake denied, From the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, whose logo was also shown, came on Sunday afternoon no opinion. Already at the Bundesliga match on Saturday against Dusseldorf said Dortmund's CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke: “I heard that there are these fake posters. We have nothing to do with it. Whether we can defend ourselves, I do not know. “

This quote was assigned to Marco Reus

“Dear Schalke victory as a Nazi kitty”

The posters often played on the Dortmund district Dorstfeld, which has long had a Nazi problem. One of them, however, quite strikingly: “Milan or Madrid – the main thing is not Dorstfeld” was attributed to former professional Andy Möller: stamping a whole district as a Nazi kitty, then gave it some criticism. Incidentally, the ethical question remains: is it okay to subordinate players to a positioning that may be a real citation?

At least that's a fake, it's clear now. On Sunday, the posters had been removed, the police have initiated investigations. For the BVB, the action would actually be a steep template. There would be the possibility to actually hang the posters for the last matchday. “Better lose the championship to Bayern than Dorstfeld to the Nazis.” That would be a statement.

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