Allegedly Drug Party, 5 Youths in Empang Arrested

SUMBAWA BESAR, samawarea com (6 December 2022)– A house located in Cempaka Putih Hamlet, Pemanto Village, Empang District, Sumbawa Regency, which is suspected of being the site of a drug party, was raided by a team from the Narcotics Research Unit of the Sumbawa Police, yesterday evening.

During the raid five people were arrested. From body and place searches, the team secured evidence of 8 bags of methamphetamine weighing 3.91 grams. Apart from that, a suction device (bong), a glass pipe, 2 lighters, a plastic shovel, 1 pair of scissors, 3 medicine clips (empty), IDR 250,000 in cash, and 7 cellphones.

Sumbawa Police Chief AKBP Henry Novika Chandra S.IK., MH. who was confirmed Monday (5/12) confirmed that he had secured 5 drug suspects. They are TA alias Temi (25), SF alias Polish (26) as the owner of the house, AYS (23), RH alias Rudal (33), and RA (33).

For evidence, 8 bags of methamphetamine were found under the mattress and part of it outside the house. At that time, the suspects were taken to the Sumbawa Police to develop investigations.

For their actions, the suspects are threatened with being charged with Article 114 paragraph (1) in conjunction with Article 112 paragraph (1) Law No. 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics. (SR)


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