Allegri, two months to get out of the ford of two years: Juve, the experiments that can change everything

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Malmoe’s performance was convincing. A Champions League match is always difficult (Manchester United defeated by Young Boys, docet) and Juve have raised their heads. She is the only Italian to have won, even in a convincing way. He “did” even better than when he met the same team years ago, without being in the confusion with which he presented himself in the away match on Tuesday.

But exams, you know, never end: now Milan arrives, which seems to be the most brilliant team of the moment; for the bianconeri, it already seems like an “inside or outside” the championship. But Allegri said it: “in two months we are good”. Two months is not a short time. Evidently the transition that lasted two years (Sarri and Pirlo, a questionable transfer campaign regarding the midfield) without being successful, left the team in the middle of the ford. She trained little, perhaps, she first had to “unlearn” what she had badly assimilated. Not a construction, in short, but a reconstruction and, to put it in a building way, it is a question of demolishing and then rebuilding. A double job: doing the two together is difficult, if not impossible. The Szczesny crisis was the imponderable lurking even though the Polish goalkeeper was just back from a bad European.

Given for lost or not received Ramsey, with an alternating current Bentancur, but with an additional Locatelli, Allegri will try to regenerate Rabiot and see what Arthur is made of. Rabiot is a mystery. There are not a few who consider him very strong, however two years in black and white have not certified him. Yet Buffon, who had him only training partner at PSG, called him “a phenomenon”. The coach from Lapland praises him with a slap: “He doesn’t even know how strong he is”, as if to say that he should notice. In short, whoever sees him in training gets an idea, whoever sees him in the game has another.

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Since the main problem is the midfield (filters badly, sets slowly) it seems that Locatelli will change his role. That is, he will go in front of the defense in the hope of being able to fill a void or a regret that goes from Deschamps to Pirlo. Bentancur in that position is not convincing, like Pjanic in his time. And perhaps the real challenge, besides Rabiot, lies here: to find a player who does not suffer the pressure of the opposition and who frees more attacking midfielders forward. Locatelli at Sassuolo didn’t play like that. Not even in the national team, but, probably, Juve’s chances of finding themselves and being better than the one seen in the last two years are at stake on this experiment.

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