Allies will supply F-16 aircraft to Ukraine "pronto"according to NATO

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“The countries of the I’LL TAKE They have provided Ukraine with billions of dollars in aid, from anti-tank weapons to advanced artillery as well as tanks, missiles and defense systems. And the F-16s will soon follow,” he said. Geoana at the annual session of the Parliamentary Assembly of NATO in Copenhagen.

Geoana did not, however, speak of specific deadlines or reveal whether more countries will join the coalition in the short term to deliver fighters to Kiev, leadered by Denmark y Netherlands and the one that has subsequently joined Norway.

Denmark committed at the end of August to deliver 19 fighters to Ukraine, six already by the end of the year, while Norway has talked about donating between five and 10.

“We need to make the coalition larger and we need to do it faster. We are working to expand and deepen it, so Ukraine will be able to receive more F-16s,” the Danish Prime Minister said today in her speech at the same forum. Mette Frederiksen.

Geoana defended that support for Ukraine is “more important than ever” and also mentioned fuel, food and clothing. “Ukraine is pushing forward. Every meter that Ukraine reconquers is a meter that Russia loses. Success is more important than speed “Geana stated about the counteroffensive that Kiev launched in early June.

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