Almonds, full of iron and calcium. What benefits do they bring you, if you consume them

Full of essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the body, almonds can be the perfect snack between main meals. Keep raw almonds on hand and eat them in salads or as they are.

Almonds should be eaten raw. Once boiled or fried, they lose their nutrients, vitamins and enzymes. Moreover, nutritionists urge us to hydrate them before consumption. Being dry, they must be kept in water for eight hours, so they become easier to digest.

Rich in vitamin E, almonds contribute to improving the appearance of the skin, hair and nails.

Almonds also contain a large amount of calcium, which means they help strengthen bones.

They have a high fiber and protein content. Thus, people who regularly consume almonds (at least twice a week) maintain their body weight. Moreover, fibers contribute to bowel movements, eliminating toxins.

Almonds are an important source of iron, which helps to produce and increase the number of red blood cells. One calculation shows that 10 almonds is the equivalent of a plate of spinach.

Rich in magnesium, almonds are a key component for building muscle mass.

They don’t have many calories, so they can be eaten between meals even by people following a diet.

Regular consumption of almonds helps prevent anemia, according to

20 flavonoids with a strong antioxidant effect were identified in the skin of almonds.

Almonds also help improve memory. Consume 7-10 almonds daily, on an empty stomach.

The leaves are used for medicinal purposes. Almond leaf tea has sedative properties, which help to relax and calm down.

Almonds are extremely versatile, as we can eat them both in savory dishes and in sweets.

Almond oil is used for hair and skin maintenance, because it nourishes the hair root, but also hair and skin regain their shine.

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