Almost 400 people from Cordoba will receive the third dose of the covid vaccine this Friday

In Córdoba, the third dose of the covid vaccine to almost 400 people who, due to their state of health, are immunodepressed, either because they received a transplant at the time or because they are cancer patients who are receiving a certain treatment against cancer. However, when the third dose has just begun to be given to this specific group of people and about 80% of the general Cordoba population has already completed the vaccination regimen against the covid, while there is still a group of more than 51,000 people from Cordoba over 12 years of age who have not yet received the first dose.

Of those 51,381 not vaccinated (7.4% of the Cordoba population over 12 years of age), Health estimates that at least a third are people who have suffered the covid and who are starting to be vaccinated when the term runs out allowing, at least four weeks after passing the infection. But, the other two thirds are people who, for other reasons, have not come to receive the first dose, which prevents the goal of achieving greater immunity. For this reason, the Ministry of Health has enabled again next week 14 points for vaccination without an appointment (two in the capital -in the Vista Alegre pavilion and Castilla del Pino health center-) and 12 in the southern health area) to try to capture all those Cordoba over 12 years old who have not dared to get vaccinated for now.

Almost 400 people from Cordoba were the first to receive the third dose of the covid vaccine this Friday, after the Ministry of Health gave the go-ahead last Wednesday to his administration. In total, over the next few days 1,506 people are expected to be vaccinated with the third dose in the province of Cordoba.

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By the municipal sports palace Good views from Cordoba capital have passed this Friday about 300 people who meet these criteria to receive the third dose, while in the southern sanitary area almost a hundred have been cited and in the north sanitary area They are being placed for next week at the four usual vaccination points, in Villanueva de Córdoba, Pozoblanco, Hinojosa and Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo. Vaccines in the southern area are being inoculated in the health centers of the 12 basic health zones (Aguilar, Fernán Núñez, Puente Genil, Montilla, Lucena, Priego, Cabra, La Rambla, Benamejí, Castro del Río, Baena and Rute ).

In Vista Alegre, shortly after 10 a.m., he received his vaccination this Friday Genesis Quiroga, 30, who has had a kidney and pancreas transplant for almost 3 years. “When the covid pandemic began, I had only been transplanted for a year, so I already had preventive habits against infections then now I continue the same, with the mask and also with the protection that this vaccine offers us. We all have to get vaccinated to be in solidarity, otherwise, new strains will continue to emerge and the end will never come “.

Other transplanted Cordobes like her have also been encouraged to get vaccinated with the third dose. Nurse Estefanía Redondo has treated them with affection and tells them that the puncture is not going to be anything. The first two doses, mostly of Modern, these immunosuppressed patients were given them in the Reina Sofía hospital in spring, so they have repeated with Moderna for the third, although there are some who received Pfizer because at the time they could not be vaccinated with Moderna and this Friday they have also been administered the third dose of Pfizer.

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María Ángeles Pérez, a bone marrow transplant 21 years ago. MANUEL MURILLO

He avoided symptoms with the vaccine

Maria Angeles Perez, transplanted marrow for 21 years, she was infected with covid, despite being already vaccinated, but this immunity allowed her to barely find out about the infection. “My daughter tested positive and when she did the test I was also positive, but I did not have any symptoms. I encourage all those who have not yet been vaccinated to do so, whyand if I had not been vaccinated I do not know how the covid would have affected me “, has aimed.

Ricardo Francisco Romero, liver transplant, with the third dose already on. MANUEL MURILLO

Ricardo Francisco Romero, a liver transplant, has also insisted, while receiving the third dose, on the importance of the entire population getting vaccinated, as well as Francisca Ruiz Pozo, who also received a liver graft that gave him life back. , and this Friday he has benefited from a third dose of the covid vaccine, which may be worth another life.

Another patient who has been vaccinated for the third dose is Francisco Fernández, 67, who suffered a heart attack 19 years ago, and that your doctor has told you to get vaccinated again for safety.

Francisca Ruiz, liver transplant, at the time of being vaccinated. MANUEL MURILLO

Vaccination continues without an appointment

Apart from vaccinating patients who are inoculated with the third dose, Vista Alegre has continued to vaccinate patients older than 12 years who have been previously cited and people without appointments who have not yet received the first or the first dose. second dose. All will be inoculated with Pfizer or Moderna. Next week, in Vista Alegre, more immunosuppressed patients will be cited again, until all are reached. In addition, there are other vaccination points in the province. You can consult the existing ones by clicking on this link.

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More information on the candidates for the third dose

In case of transplant In the last two years, this additional dose of mRNA vaccine will be given if they had received the two-dose regimen after transplantation. The additional dose will be administered at least 28 days after receiving the second. If the transplant is recent and prior to it you had received two doses of vaccine, two additional doses (with the standard interval) are recommended, starting between two and six months after the procedure. Finally, if you have not previously received any vaccine against covid, the vaccination schedule will be three doses of mRNA.

This third dose is also indicated at patients, mainly cancer, treated with anti ‐ CD20 drugs, including rituximab, ocrelizumab, ofatumumab, obinutuzumab, ibritumumab tiuxetan, veltuzumab and tositumomab. The additional dose should be administered during treatment (if possible 15 days before the corresponding medication cycle) or, given the long duration and immunosuppressive power of anti-CD20 drugs, patients will continue to be considered immunosuppressed for a period of 3 months for all anti-CD20 drugs, except for rituximab, which will be extended to 6 months, so that those who, once the treatment had been concluded, would have received two doses of vaccine during the same period, would therefore be in the immunosuppression period. explicitly, candidates to receive that additional dose.


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