Almost three lempiras will lower the gasoline in Honduras


The Energy Secretariat, through its energy management, reported this Saturday on new fuel prices, which are down by almost three lempiras.

These prices will be valid from Monday 12 November to Sunday 18 November.

The state agency claimed that the reduction in fuel prices is due to the fall in the stock market crash and the exemptions granted by the US government.

The new price of the Superior petrol will be 98.83 lempira being a drop of two lempiras with 99 cents.

While normal gasoline, its new cost will be 90 lempiras with twenty cents representing a reduction of two lempiras with 83 cents (93.03 previous price).

For kerosene, a lempira with four cents decreased, with a new price of 88.96, from 90.01, which was the previous cost.

For its part, in the vehicular gas the new price will be 46 lempiras with 73 cents, equal to a decrease of one lempira with 42 cents. Its previous cost was 48 lempiras with 15 cents.

Likewise, domestic gas maintains its price of 39 lempira with 79 cents.

Oil in international markets is on the downside, due to the arrival of the winter in the northern hemisphere, where the most developed countries are located, so that consumption is low.

In addition, this week the restoration of the US oil embargo imposed on Iran came into force, but the exceptions made to the White House to seven consumer nations, have made the markets not feel panicked due to of the poor supply.

The reserves in the main consumer countries have also increased, as there is an increase in production in the United States.

Furthermore, there is a lower demand for lowering economic activity in China and other industrialized countries, where only the United States shows strong economic growth.


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