Alpi was acquitted of murder, Somali Hassan was killed by a bomb

The investigation into the death of the Tg3 correspondent Ilaria Alpi and the telereporter Miran Hovatin is still ongoing. According to the Alpi family, in the course of the investigations, the misdirections were numerous.

The case

– According to the first reconstructions, it was one that caused the explosion ied (acronym for “improvised explosive device”) placed on his car. The action has not been claimed but the modus operandi seems to be that of the militants of

al Shabab

a jihadist terrorist group. Hassan died in the district of Dharkaynley, in the southern area of ​​the Somali capital.


– Having returned free after almost 17 years in prison, Hassan dreamed of starting an import-export business in his country. Always proclaimed innocent, once released his desire was to do something for Somalia and for his family. He imagined a different future for his homeland, plagued by violence and terrorism.

Hassan’s lawyer

– “There is no connection between Hassan’s death with what happened to Ilaria and Miran” are the words of the lawyer Tonino Moriconi, Hassan’s defender, who underlined how the review process confirmed his complete extraneousness to the facts .

For Moriconi the culprits are Islamic terrorists: “They killed him for extortion purposes.

They are people looking for money for the attacks

he had them for the prison he suffered in Italy “he explained. “The three million received killed him. The terrorists found out and after some extortion, which Hassan did not give in, they blew him up. The technique of his attack says it all.”

The investigation

– Light on the matter, this is the request of the National Federation of the Italian press, the Order of Journalists and the trade union union of RAI journalists. In the next few hours, the official request will be filed with the Public Prosecutor of Rome, through the lawyer Giulio Vasaturo, “to solicit investigations into the dynamics of the attack, also in order to verify any links between this crime and the investigation into the Alpi-Hrovatin murder” .

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“We are very upset by the tragic killing of Hashi, we will do everything to shed light on the scenario behind the assassination of Hassan,” noted Vasaturo. “There are numerous mysterious deaths linked to this case, such as that of Ilaria’s driver,

Ali Abdi

whose corpse was found in a hotel in Mogadishu little his testimony – he explained – Or even

Starlin Arush

Somali activist friend of the Tg3 correspondent, killed in 2003 by a commando of hit men in Nairobi. “

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