Already Galbay Pinjol, Here Are 3 Tips to Prevent Debt Collectors from Coming to Your Home –

Loan debt collectors are often a frightening specter for debtors.

The reason is, most reports from loan debt collectors often bill harshly.

In addition, often debt collectors also use violence when collecting.

This can also be seen from some of the news that is often circulated.

Even though the OJK has issued special regulations for debtors.

Where they are forbidden to do billing roughly.

In addition, there are special ethics for billing debtors such as hours and others.

You can read the ethics of debt collector collection here The Following are the Legal Rules Regarding Debt Collector Billing, Debtors Needn’t Be Afraid Anymore!

Usually the debt collector will come to the debtor who makes the payment.

Well, what if it’s already galbay?

Here’s a way to prevent debt collectors from coming to your house.

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