Dancing with the stars: Daniele Scardina also positive at Covid. Milly Carlucci’s announcement. After Samuel Peron, a new Covid case in the cast of the Rai show which should start, unless changed, on 12 September. The boxer, formerly of Diletta Leotta, had recently returned from Sardinia.

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New tile up Dancing with the Stars, after the news of the positivity to Covid of the dance teacher Samuel Peron, there is a case within the cast, it is “King Tintoretto”, ex of Diletta Leotta. The official announcement comes as always through the account of the transmission by Milly Carlucci: «We have the result of the swabs, we are all negative except Daniele Scardina who spent his holidays in the same area where Samuel Peron was, there as you know there was an important outbreak. Daniele and Samuel have no important symptoms, so maybe we can also resolve this situation very quickly“. Good news for the rest of the cast and staff of Dancing with the Stars: “As far as we are concerned – explained Carlucci – we are in very close contact with the Rai structure that monitors in this situation and we are in the hands of a Roman structure that deals with this: we are part of the security protocol contact sports, such as basketball and soccer. We monitor ourselves by swab on an ongoing basis, after yesterday’s, at the beginning of the week we will immediately make a new tampon. To confirm negativity and train safely. – Then he concludes – Dancing is my love, but health and safety come first. I remind you to wear the mask “.

Last update: Friday 28 August 2020, 22:02



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