also this tax in the bill?

For five years, the RAI fee has been paid within the electricity bill. Now comes the proposal to always introduce a tax in the electricity bill


From 2016, by the will of the Renzi government, the RAI license it was incorporated into the electricity bill in such a way as to limit the evasion of its payment.

In addition to the RAI fee, some parliamentarians would have proposed to insert a tax always within the electricity bill. Let’s see what tax it talks about and why it was asked to incorporate it into a domestic user.

TARI on your bill? The proposal that causes discussion


The proposal to include the payment of a tax in electricity bills comes from senators Faraone and Marino. The tax in question is the COUNTRIES, or the waste tax, and the proposal would aim to “To improve the budgets of municipalities in financial crisis and to significantly increase the collection percentages which involve numerous problems and extra costs for local administrations”.

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The proposal, however, will hardly find application since Italy had committed itself to theEurope to eliminate all electricity bills items not directly related to energy. Also for this reason, until a few months ago there was also talk of the elimination of the RAI fee in the bill.

The introduction of the fee in the bill made it possible to place a brake on evasion of the same and, at the same time, to lower the cost. The cost of the The fee has in fact been lowered from 113 euros to 90 euros, with more than 20% reduction. Faraone and Marino would therefore like to replicate the same success with TARI.

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The idea, however, may be difficult to apply since the Draghi government engaged with Europe in National recovery and resilience plan. Italy, in this plan, has committed itself to eliminate all items not directly related to energy from electricity bills.

Among these items is also the RAI fee: in recent months there was talk, in fact, of its elimination from the electricity bill. Therefore, if the fee is eliminated from the bill, it is highly unlikely that the TARI will be included.

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