Alsou shared the secrets of the strong marriage with Yan Abramov


October 17 – BIMRU.RU. Alsou held a rare interview about her personal life and her relationship with her husband in particular. In the last twelve years, the star is happily married to the business man Yan Abramov and is also a happy mother with many children.

Despite the fact that their family seems ideal from the outside, and the fans are sure that there is a complete romance between Alsou and Yang, the singer herself states that, in reality, family happiness requires great efforts and great sacrifices. According to her, the infinite happiness and the idyll of the family can only be in the movies, in real life it is often not so fabulous.

Still, Alsou is really happy in marriage with Abramov. According to her, for this happiness it is necessary to fight, because occasionally there are disagreements and conflicts between the spouses, but the most important thing is that, overcoming these problems, people get used to each other and understand: they can no longer be without one another. Furthermore, Alsou shared secrets on how to preserve the freshness and passion of relationships in a married couple:

"Communication, attitudes, emphasis on one another In these moments, you are surprised to think," Just like before. "You are immersed in memories, indulged in the feelings that were between you at the start of a relationship and that are forgotten in everyday life."

Another unconditional condition for a strong marriage, according to Alsou, is the children. In a family with children, there is more responsibility and more motivation to save the marriage.

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