“Altas Auto”: we successfully completed a large order, we produced 110 cars

Altas Auto photo.

Altas Auto, a small bus manufacturer, completed the production of 110 ambulances for the Latvian Emergency Medical Service. This is already the first order of the Latvian GMP service in the last decade, in total Vilnius produced 300 clothes for Latvians.

Successful implementation of large-scale projects is the strong side of Altas Auto, which has been winning centralized procurement tenders for many years not only in Latvia, but also in Lithuania. When executing a large order, it is always important to have a strong engineering team that is able to design and produce a unique product within tight deadlines. It is no longer important to be able to manage complex projects with partners, because in these cars a lot of specific details and contracts are used, says Edvardas Radzeviius, UAB Altas komercinis transportas, owner and manager of Altas Auto brand.

mon has been cooperating with the Latvian Volkswagen car distributor Msu Auto Valmiera for five years”.

Latvia’s emergency medical aid system, as emphasized in our report, is exceptional. Since 2009 the service centrally updates the entire car park and the necessary medical equipment, equips specialists and trains them, manages a centralized call center that serves all

According to E. Radzeviius, Latvians have created a unique GMP organization model in Europe, the quality of which has been approved by the World Bank. Therefore, meeting the requirements of the Latvian GMP Service is not easy.

The requirements are well represented by one example: the technical specifications of a Latvian express car consist of an 80-page document. In all purchases, prototypes are first ordered, which can be submitted by the experts for a certain improvement or change. During the production process, the buyer visits the factories to better understand the features of the purchased product, says the head of Altas Auto.

In addition, the supplier must promptly resolve failures, so it is necessary to have dedicated warehouses for spare parts, to ensure flexible service work.

During the last few years, the cars purchased by the Latvian GMP i Altas Auto make up 95% of the total volume of the car purchase service.

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