Aluminum salts again suspected of promoting breast cancer

“What interests us above all are the chronic compositions, what happens during repeated exposure and this is what happens with anti-perspirants” specifies Stefano Mandriota.

Why is aluminum used so much when no beneficial function for the human body is attributed to it? The industry adds it in its formulas for its viscosity, its moisturizing function and for its abundant extraction at low cost. The best known effect is that of the antiperspirant “Once it is applied to the skin, it blocks perspiration. […] It acts as a plug that blocks the pores and that is the reason why it works perfectly ”.

The scientist admits, “replacing aluminum would not be an easy task”. But for this group of researchers, it seems obvious that we should no longer consume aluminum. “We can guarantee by our studies that aluminum is a carcinogen” confirms the co-author of the study Stefano Mandriota. The foundation specifies by way of press release that aluminum alters the DNA of cells. In the same way as do recognized carcinogenic substances “such as arsenic, nickel or ionizing radiation” explains the scientist.


Today, many beauty brands and cosmetic products refer to the various studies carried out by the Scientific Committee for Consumer Safety, repeatedly confirming the non-toxicity of aluminum present in cosmetics. Three studies had been carried out to understand the fate of aluminum in the human body during daily use.

“The problem with these studies is that they do not indicate the amount of aluminum that remains in the organs afterwards” explains Stefano Mandriota. Aluminum, according to the scientist, “accumulates in certain organs. In bone, liver, mammary gland. These are studies that test over a dose or two [d’aluminium], therefore which do not make it possible to verify the harmfulness of a repeated accumulation ”.

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This is not the opinion of the Federation of Beauty Companies (FEBEA) which affirms that the Swiss study is based on a direct injection of aluminum into breast tissue, which would be “very far from the conditions of ‘real life antiperspirant use’. The FEBEA also recalls that the Scientific Committee for Consumer Safety had highlighted the fact that aluminum was not not absorbed through the skin but well removed from clothing “By natural desquamation”.

The Nivea brand, contacted by National Geographic, has chosen to respond to the growing and real concerns of its consumers by adapting and increasing its choice of product ranges with and without aluminum. In particular, the brand uses active ingredients such as magnesium as an alternative. However, the Beiersdorf Group considers that “antiperspirants containing aluminum can be used safely”, based on “strict safety checks and scientific analysis”.

Today, Swiss researchers wish to alert and prevent. They insist that even without a ban, it is not recommended to apply a potentially carcinogenic product to your skin on a daily basis.

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