Alvin Gentry encourages Lonzo Ball to continue to take three points


Lonzo Ball's three-point shot saw many peaks and valleys during his time in the NBA. However, in the early months of his New Orleans period, his sweater was high and remained high.

Through the first 16 games of the season, Ball, who has lost quite a bit of time due to an injury, is pulling 34.0 percent of his career from beyond the bow. That sign had a slump after a recent 0-on-7 from three in a defeat in Dallas. Before that contest, he was shooting 36.6 percent from three.

However, 34 percent would represent a high career score. Ball's sweater has undergone some changes from landing in New Orleans. In addition to the staff working with Ball on his sweater, head coach Alvin Gentry has continued to encourage Ball to shoot three pointers this year.

"They were available for him. We'd like to see him do some more. I think he made those where it was child's play. I think the step back is what we need to cut. But I don't want to discourage him from shooting, especially when it's open . "

Interestingly, the numbers confirm Gentry's comments, but they are not surprising. According to Synergy, in the absence of dribbling jumpers on this season's spot-up occasions, Ball is shooting 37.5 percent with a 1.105 point clip per possession. In unguarded shots, Ball is shooting 41.7 percent in the year.

Meanwhile, on dribbling, Ball is pulling 19.5 percent on 41 field goal attempts. The ball has been successful this season identifying more and playing more this season. If he can continue to develop his shot, he will continue to have more success in an offensive way.



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