Alzheimer’s disease: beer would reduce the risk of its appearance

A recent Italian study highlighted the interest of drinking beer in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. The details.

The power of hops

For years, the beer is a popular drink all over the world. In addition to being refreshing, provided it is consumed in moderation, this drink would protect against Alzheimer’s disease. According to an Italian study, published last October 25 in ACS Chemical Neurosciencethe beer hops reduce the risk of developing this disease which affects the brain. Researchers have in fact found that hops would slow down the formation of amyloid plaques, identified as being the cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

Four Common Hop Varieties Analyzed

To carry out this study, the Milan scientists analyzed four common varieties of hops, reports Yahoo. The team then concluded that the strongest extract came from Tettnang hops, present in many types of beers lagers and lighter beers. The tests also revealed that the extracts had antioxidant properties and could prevent beta-amyloid proteins from clumping together in human nerve cells. “When this extract was separated into fractions, the one containing a high level of polyphenols showed the most potent antibiotic and anti-aggregation activity”the researchers pointed out in a statement issued on November 7.

Another interesting observation, the extract of Tettnang protected the worms from the paralysis linked to the Alzheimer’s diseasebut the effect was not very pronounced.

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