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Bayern league leaders SV Türkgücü-Ataspor are planning for the regional league thanks to investor Kivran – and for more.

In the northern relay of the football Bayernliga there is still tension around the direct promotion area, in the south it has been out for months. And in contrast to the north, where a rural new participant can be expected in Aubstadt from the district of Rhön-Grabfeld or Gebenbach from the vicinity of Amberg, a traditional club from the south comes into the regional league, not so long ago once played third-rate. Theoretically, SV Türkgücü-Ataspor misses two points for promotion, a formality. The plans for the highest amateur class have been running at full speed for some time now. And the club is already working extremely professionally.

The club name is actually misleading in several ways. With the SV Türk Gücü from the 1990s, today's club has virtually nothing to do. At that time, the club was springboard for numerous foreign players, for example, for the then completely unknown Cacau. Well, the club is led again this time by a bustling Turkish businessman. Right at the beginning of his term in 2016 Hasan Kivran had announced that he wanted to lead the national league in the third division, since then, the squad is no longer recognizable each year, Türkgücü dominated as promoted the Bayernliga and marched through. The association does not have money worries right now, there are investor names that point to a long-term commitment. Compared to a representative of the TSV 1860 Kivran is said to have said that the lions should be careful not to be overtaken by Türkgücü.

At the level of sports management, the club is a sort of 1860 spinoff. Reiner Maurer, 59, formerly six years player and four years head coach at TSV 1860 Munich, will replace Andreas Pummer as head coach in the summer. Robert Hettich was former press spokesman for the lions. His official name at Türkgücü is Kaderplaner. He is well-known in the Regionalliga, from 2016 to 2018 he worked in a similar capacity for Wacker Burghausen. Together they prepare meticulously for the upcoming season. Hettich observes the league, he proposes Maurer new players, who then observes them again. For a few weeks, the club has announced a bit of commitments. From Eichstätt comes defender Thomas Haas, from Schweinfurt and from Burghausen midfielders Dominik White and Stefan Wächter, from Pipinsried the attacker Marian Knecht. It can be assumed that even more obligations will be announced, especially since only five players of the current squad were extended. According to Hettich, the target group consists of players who have a connection to Munich, who have the time to train six times a week, and “where we see the potential for them to improve,” says Hettich. So you will renounce well-known professionals that you could even afford. Hettich, however, believes that there will be clubs in the league with a higher budget in the coming season than that of Munich.

Türkgücü is considered the third Munich football player, what the club is missing, however, is identification and a permanent home. Although President Kivran dreams of enjoying a home advantage a not too distant day in the league's third division stadiums, for example in the Ruhr area with a high percentage of Turkish football fans. In Munich itself, the interest is so far, however, mau. At present, the team plays on the grounds of the regional league team Heimstetten, an average of 200 spectators. For the upcoming season, the club of the city of Munich has won a compromise: Until the winter break, the team continues to play at the SVH, after the winter break, she may for a tight half season in the Grünwalder stadium.

Kivran hopes for a boost in attention. But already in 2020/21 we have to negotiate again. If the sixties, the FC Bayern II and Türkgücü play at the same time sometime in professional football, that would raise quite fundamental questions in Munich, because not all three could play at the same time in Grünwalder Stadium: the question of whether the city has a big football budget. And space for another stadium.



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